SOLIDEA’s Waterworks for Guinea

Conakry May 17, 2012

Women and Children in a colorful queue of water buckets and bowls in a Conakry suburb yesterday. The power is on between 9pm and midnight and with it comes the water. This filling station is free, water is available elsewhere in Conakry, but its not free, “Without energy there is no Water Says” SOLIDEA’s Roland Montagnon. “and the shortage of energy means there is often only a chance for water twice a day.

With all the enthusiasm growing for the new stability in Guinea we have not yet been able to restore normal living conditions in the Capital “We have several agencies with project developments around our activities in Conakry and beyond” Says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker “We are committed and looking forward to making a difference in 2012”.

SOLIDEA have secured the initial part of its investment plans for over 100MW of renewable energy in Guinea. Waterworks for Guinea as part of SOLIDEA’s continued commitment to the region


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