Syngas Project’s TITAN – fast forward for “The Polish Energy Cluster”

Warsaw 4 April 2018

The rise of Poland’s TITAN’s

SOLIDEA Group’s Syngas Project Team in Poland have developed the TITAN PowerCan a 20MW power plant to meet the next generation of dispersed energy utilities

Poland’s forest waste will fuel Poland’s Energy Clusters, a value added approach to resources, environment, biodiversity and climate change. Creating local employment, distributed wealth and better air quality whilst embracing technology and change   

The TITAN Program

A distributed network of TITAN’s across Central Europe is already under development with the first two connection licenses agreed and many more in the project pipeline. Once connected and operational new solar fields will be developed and existing wind operations can be integrated.

Above the New Silk Road and along the Amber route forest is plentiful and community so wanting; the opportunity to develop TITAN in tens even hundreds is “Teutonic” and it could provide the backbone of sustainability for the new high tech industries Central Europe  so desires   

TITAN the foundation for “Energy Clusters”

TITAN is a utility scale power plant consisting of 12 lines of smokeless PowerCan gasifiers which consume local Polish biomass. 12 Lines of reactors, each with the ability to on, off, up and down distinguish TITAN from other Utility Scale power plants, being in control of the energy produced and with rapid response means biomass is only consumed when needed,the global plan for high cost electricity battery storage is simply avoidable.

Base Load of “Cluster”

TITAN runs like a family car on the motorway at reasonable speed it is as highly efficient, it has the ability and agility to run smoothly at low speed however when needed the extra available oomph can up speed even for long periods of time. TITAN then has the agility to slow down when the sun shines instantly minimising or sparing biomass consumption till needed and the oomph to replace wind energy when weather is calm. Together Biomass, Solar and Wind create “Energy Cluster” renewable energy networks on demand to better any other renewable program and using only Polish renewables.

Ticking TITAN’s Four Auction Boxes

Poland’s TITAN’s ticks four boxes on the renewable energy landscape [1] Its 100% renewable energy with or without its partners wind and solar it can be started with charcoal and can be totally independent of any grid. [2] Very Low Emission on its own since the PowerCan technology is “Smokeless” however Ultra Low Emission in Energy Cluster if we are to factor in Wind and Solar”. Low CO2 emissions and negligible NOx [since there is no burning no NOx occurs [3]  High Efficiency since gasification converts solid biomass fuels into gaseous fuels with no burning [and there is no smoke stack] and in a cluster “Ultra High Efficiency” and [4] but not least “Unique” designed to run non stop at a speed and with the response which best suits market conditions for demand.

TITAN’s Brightest Side

Traditionally the low quality biomass toppings and branches which are left on the forest floor after harvest serve PowerCan technology well. However because PowerCan feeds on toppings and trimmings it serves Poland’s huge forest reserve and from cradle to grave.

Unlike the utility size Dinosaurs before it, PowerCan technology lives with and serves the forest rather than consumes it. Full life cycle, forest management creates abundant feedstock which creates the value needed to properly service the forest. Creating demand for this resource  could end decades of forest neglect. Good forest management ensures highest possible value of lumber resources at harvest however along the way a green forest floor encourages and will restore biodiversity. TITAN’s Brightest Side is win win for every side generating rural wealth is key a prosperous future.

Combining Heat and Power Technology without waste 

TITAN modular technology is well tried and tested, today there are more than 1000 operational lines in 30 Countries worldwide and with more than two decades of active service. Though relatively new to Europe the demand for PowerCan projects worldwide is enjoying rapid demand.  The need for clean Heat and Power in rural and semi rural theatres has determined the size and capability of TITAN in Poland

TITAN produces 15MW of electricity 24 hours a day 365 days per week each has an operational life expectancy of over 25 years. 15MW of heat is exportable to local communities with more than enough process heat left over to convert locally produced biomass into usable feedstock in a matter of hours.

Charcoal or unspent materials in the TITAN process are either returned to gasification line a second time or exported as fertiliser to improve the forest floor. Since well spaced and well maintained trees grow and mature for harvest better, and since biodiversity and CO2 sink thrive best in a well groomed environment the whole process is harmonious to the end product. Clean sustainable heat and electricity which benefits the local community its environment and its economy.

Each TITAN produces enough electricity to provide for a small town or large village, being connected to the grid it exports electricity for the economic benefit of the local community. In “Energy Cluster” even the smallest producers can join in our clean environment crusade from roof tops and fields and for sure TITAN’s way will raise Poland’s profile in the economic communities of Europe for decades to come.



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