RUMIA – Remontowa Group S.A

FUO RUMIA Ltd is part of the Remontowa Group S.A. the Polish Ship Repair Yards

“RUMIA” is a Polish Company with a long and proud heritage the RUMIA works are without question the number one design and fabrication company in Central Europe for Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Gas Cooling Devices. RUMIA has over 50 years history designing and manufacturing pressure vessels for the Ship, Offshore Oil and Gas and the Power Industry with a continued strong client base Worldwide.

“The survival and continued success of RUMIA where so many others have recently failed are testimony to the quality and excellence of products designed and delivered by the RUMIA works

Steve Walker


RUMIA is a critical part of the PowerCan® 200 team in particular for the

  • Design development and fabrication of local gasification vessels
  • Design and Development of specialized Syngas hot gas heat exchangers
  • Fabrication and installation of heat exchangers
  • Specialist high quality coatings and heat applied engineering brand finishes
  • Assembly of the PowerCan® 200
  • Full scale production OEM
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RUMIA works can have the capacity to fabricate and deliver many vessels simultaneously reducing fabrication time to days rather than weeks and months short lead in time are critical to the future success of PowerCan® 200 

RUMIA is most proficient at and has extensive workshop facilities for

  • Plated Steel fabrication, bending, rolling beveling welding etc
  • Specialist Design Offices for heat exchangers, gas cooling and recovery
  • Stainless Steel fabrication, welding and finishing
  • Pipe and flange fitting including specialist design and testing facilities
  • Non destructive testing facilities for steel and other structures and components
  • Pre-treatment and paint shop, wet and specialist dry applications
  • Extensive workshop and testing rig facilities including the necessary energy connections
  • Its own deep sea port convenient for the direct export of all products globally

RUMIA A Long Tradition in Polish Engineering

RUMIA was founded in 1945 as a bespoke Mechanical Workshop. In the beginning RUMIA produced many kinds of post war bespoke steel vessels as well as other equipment for the Polish chemical and Shipbuilding Yards in Gdansk, Gdynia and beyond.

Over 50 Years Design and Production of Heat Exchangers and Liquid and Gas Coolers

In 1951 RUMIA commenced the production of cranes for the Polish and other Baltic shipyard industries and it was in 1959 that RUMIA began its specialization in the design, fabrication and production of heat exchangers for which it is famous for today.

In the beginning RUMIA designed and fabricated oil and water coolers as well as their special silencing devices. Year by year since this time RUMIA have developed an extensive catalog of solutions to the ship building, oil and gas and energy industry both at home and abroad

By 1962 RUMIA commenced the design and production of evaporators as charge air coolers for ship engines. Throughout the 1960′s and since RUMIA developed an enviable reputation second to none for uncomplicated and reliable gas cooling devices.

During the 1970′s RUMIA and the Polish ship building industry boomed. The production facilities at RUMIA was significantly increased and not only for the domestic ship building industry. RUMIA reputation for high quality grew, the reliable and timely delivery of high performance heat exchangers earned RUMIA international standing and many foreign orders.

After The Economic Transition

Poland’s political changes orginated in the Polish ship yards during and at the end of the 1990′s the changes from a centralized comand economy to a free market economy caused stagnation for the majority of the Baltic shipyards and especially in Poland for the companies connected with the ship industry. As testimony to the resilience and hard work of the good people at RUMIA and resulting from gaining new clients and winning new orders for the design and fabrication of more diversified  products like steam and water boilers for traditional land based projects for DANSTOKER and Tei GREENS the engineering tradition at RUMIA lives on


RUMIA works made the transition to a privatized company in 1996 with Remontowa S.A Gdansk as its main shareholder. Today RUMIA works from within the world famous Gdansk Ship repair yard as one of the key 26 specialized companies in the Group

A First Class Firm with First Class Certification

In a competitive global economy reputation for the delivery of high quality, best price and in the shortest possible time is critical to the success of PowerCan® 200. RUMIA is a first class OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] for the PowerCan® 200 roll-out and to secure the products excellent reputation from day one.

RUMIA is a Quality Certified Works with a World Class Reputation

  • In 1996 it entered the German Lloyd’s Register and Polski Rejestr Statków in accordance with the international quality standard system ISO 9001.
  • In 2003 RUMIA has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000.


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Today FOU RUMIA Ltd has many established clients in Europe and North America to whom it is delivering heat exchangers, and other heating and cooling devices for the ship, oil and gas, energy and food process industries worldwide.

RUMIA is an ideal OEM for the PowerCan® 200  providing a wide range of services in which it excels