PowerCan® 200 Meet The Team

The PowerCan® 200 Research and Development team includes the innovators of all seven departments of our business.

The Project Development Team – “Meet Our Team Leaders”

Project Director – Steve Walker

Steve FramedSteve Walker leads the PowerCan® 200 commercial and development team, Steve was born in the UK and studied Architectural and Civil Engineering, Steve has lead many projects worldwide for more than 25 years as a Senior Project Manager. Steve is well known in the renewable energy sector. Steve has very strong technical, commercial and organization skills and is a very experience project leader


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Project Coordinator – Dr. Janusz Przeorek

Janusz Framed

Dr. Janusz. Przeorek is head of project coordination , Janusz was born in Poland he practiced as doctor of Clinical Psychology, Janusz career left the medical profession more than a decade ago and since developed and delivered many successful manufacturing and real estate projects. Janusz has terrific people skills and commerical skills he is an expert in the  management and coordination of research and development


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The Academic Team – “Meet Our Scientists”

Head of Environmental Assessment and Impact - Professor Andrjez Jasinski

Andrzej FramedProfessor Andrjez Jasinski is a leading and well known Environmental figure in Poland he is the Senior Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Ministry of Environment Advisory Commission for Environmental Protection. Professor Jasinski is Chairman of the State Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment and Vice President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce Eco-Development. Professor Jasinki team role is to supervise compliance of PowerCan® 200 with EU environmental requirements and promote its use in reducing CO2

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Head of Plasma Gas Cleaning and Reform – Dr. Albin Czernichowski

Albin FramedProfessor Albin Czernichowski is known worldwide for the development of his low cost Plasma technologies, his team is responsible for gas cleaning and reform as well as future FT integration. Professor Czernichowski is an inventor of low energy consuming Plasma technology devices. Professor Czernichowski heads up his own ECP Research and Development in France mainly in the domain of chemical technologies and reactors and as Professor at the University of Orleans in France .


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Head of Heat Engineering and Fuels - Professor Roman Domanski

Roman FramedProfessor Roman Domanski is head of faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering and the Chairman for the Scientific Council for the Polish Aviation Institute. Professor Domanski and his department provide PowerCan® 200 expertise in thermodynamics, heat transfer [Nuclear Specialization], thermal measurement, and especially fuel and energy, conversion, sources, and storage. Professor Domanski team plays a key role in ensuring fuel and fuel conversion performance

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The Engineering Team – “Meet Our Engineering Partners”

Engine Conversion, Augers and Feedstock Solutions, Gasifiers – Ankur Scientific

Ashok FramedAshok Chaudhuri and Dr. D. C Bain and his team started manufacturing static gasification units in rural India in 1986. Since then Ankur have developed many different sizes of biomass power plants which are now operational in more than 40 countries worldwide. Ankur Scientific have a terrific track record for R&D as well as delivering small scale gasification for new off grid networks


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Gasification Vessels – Biomass CHP Ltd

Ralph FramedRalph Pickles and his team at Biomass CHP Ltd successfully developed and built static woodchip biomass gasification plants, the latest version stands in the North East of England its predecessors were located in Northern Ireland. and in London. Static 200kWe – 350kWe gasification plants demonstrate highly reliable having been connected to the UK power grid and income producing for several years.


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Gas Cooling, Construction and Fabrication, Manufacture – RUMIA – Remontowa Group S.A 

AAA PortraitEstablished in 1945 the RUMIA works at REMONTOWA Gdansk has its deep sea port in the heart of the Polish shipyards. RUMIA  lead by Piotrek Dowzenko has almost unlimited facilities to fabricate and build PowerCan® 200. RUMIA S.A. is the OEM for the PowerCan® 200. RUMIA design the proporietary gas cooler for PowerCan® 200. RUMIA is ideally located and of course home to the best steel fabrication teams in Europe

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The Professional Team – “Meet key SOLIDEA Team Members”

SOLIDEA Group Vienna, Austria – Ladislaus Fixl Head of Project Development

Laci FramedOur Ladislaus [Laci] Fixl delivered successful developments and mechanical installations including major projects and in more than a dozen countries. Laci’s experience covers Central, Eastern and Southern Europe as well as the Middle and Far East. Laci has excellent people skills to add to his time served technical knowledge. Laci is responsible for the coordination and delivery of our PowerCan® 200 projects worldwide, as well as project planning and technical due diligence with SOLIDEA Group

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SOLIDEA Group Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Nelly Weisbloom

Nelly Framed

Our Nelly Weisbloom heads up the SOLIDEA Bulgaria Ltd team. Nelly’s team are well known being very active in the Bulgarian Renewable Energy Market already for several years. Nelly and her team have secured many projects for the gasification of woodchip and to develop those projects with several other feedstock in future.Nelly is ready and set to roll out the off the shelf PowerCan® 200 throughout Bulgaria with hook up and environmental permits for the first projects in 2013

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