SOLIDEA Eyes Saudi Beachhead opportunities from Bahrain

Manama 18th March 2012

Saudi Arabia consumes more water per head of population than any other nation, large scale desalination operations means huge loss of water in the system.

The SOLIDEA Beachhead PowerCan® 200  project takes care of desalination and waste extinction locally. Small manageable local utilities are more affordable and far faster off the drawing board. 

Reports in the media of solar only solutions are “more science fiction than a reality” says SOLIDEA’ s Robbie Fergusson.

The SOLIDEA “Beachhead Project” uses local waste and human waste as feedstock for driving  desalination plants CHP produces hot water and electrical energy. Using waste as feedstock is dealing with multiple issues and in making them extinct produces a sustainable source of renewable energy. Solar fieled installations that produce energy during the daytime are still a valid energy boost says Robbie but far from the final solution

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