Renewable Water for Guinea’s Ignace Deen

Conakry April 23, 2012

The Ignace Deen Hospital is a colonial public hospital in Conakry Guinea, a relic of the 18th Century. Conakry has two public hospitals to serve the 2 million or so inhabitants, the Ignace Deen and the Donka. Both hospitals best described as unreliable are however the only alternatives for the poor people of Conakry.

Several new private clinics are at the planning stage or like the John Paul II private clinic have already opened for business to serve Guineas hirachy; meanwhile the Ignace Dean and the Donka both remain overcrowded and desperately short of resources.

“We are very positive towards Guinea and we are already looking at several projects” says SOLIDEA Group’s Roland Montagnon. “Before long term prospects for Guinea we can see where renewable energy can have an instant impact on peoples lives, even help save lives”. The Ignace Deen for example is desperately short of clean drinking water. “As there is more than enough secure roof space at the hospital and Guinea is a very sunny and humid place [100% humidity today] we are going to look at providing two 1000 liter per day renewable air-wells”.

AirWell+ installations condense pure water from the atmosphere collecting and chilling it for distribution. We are able to dowse water with minerals and dispense it in very food safe conditions. Using solar renewable energy means that the hospital can always have safe clean drinking water SOLDEA Group solution is entirely sustainable the AirWell+ parts are interchangeable with most air-conditioning equipment manufacturers and the consumable charcoal filters can even be sourced locally

After almost 50 years of autocratic rule 2010 saw presidential elections in Guinea and in a new era of transitional government and calm Guinea is an emerging market with a milestone election set for the second half of Summer 2012; whilst all eyes are on the next few months a very positive mindset emerges.

SOLIDEA Group has several project missions and can support existing grid stations with new PowerCan installations the availability of energy is necessary for stimulating the local economy. Unlike other systems ours can provide utility scale, clean, renewable solutions in weeks and months rather than years”. “In any event if we are to be a successful mission in Guinea I have asked the SOLIDEA Group team to focus on better health and security as short term priorities and SOLIDEA Group is committed to help Guinea and its hospitals first” says Janusz Przeorek the President of SOLIDEA Group who is himself a medical doctor by profession.

“Approaching Gbessia International Airport and seeing how low night illumination has become in a City of over 2 million peoples we can see how much work lays before of us in Guinea” says Roland. “SOLIDEA Groups West African team are working long hours to get started and to make a difference”. “We want to make a start as soon as due diligence is over; now the hard work starts teaming up with the international agencies and looking for funding”

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