SOLIDEA for the SIN’s of Comoros

Moroni May 13, 2012

The Union of Comoros is a little known archipelago of small island nations [SIN’s]. These Comoros Islands are located off the East Coast of Africa. Excluding Mayotte; the last of the Islands belonging to the French Commonwealth, [in theory part of the EU] Comoros is the third smallest Nation in the African continent its also one of the poorest.

SOLIDEA Group recently completed an energy investment study for Comoros and with a focus on Moroni and its  disadvantage of no reliable deep sea port facilities. Continue reading

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New Renewable for the Baja Tank

Santa Rosalia, May 8, 2012

As the worlds 6th largest oil producer you could be forgiven for not assuming Mexico to have a strong green lobby, and you would be wrong. In fact Mexico, the Worlds 3rd largest solar potential, like the United Kingdom has taken a firm stand against climate change by passing a law that will institute legally binding carbon targets.

The law will require a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gases. Mexico the worlds 14th largest economy and 2nd largest in Latin America intends producing a staggering 35 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2024.  Continue reading

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Bauxite Over The Breadline

Kamsar May 7, 2012

Guinea [known as French Guinea] West Africa is the home of some 25% of all of the worlds exploitable Bauxite reserve. However the People of Guinea are some of the poorest in Africa; a lack of available energy means their Bauxite is sold for others to manufacture Aluminium.

With the advent of  low cost renewable energy Guinea is now destined to become one of the richest countries in Africa and because of its mineral wealth. Continue reading

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Energy and Providence

Nassau April 25, 2012

New Providence Bahamas are very fortunate to have a relatively well developed infrastructure; testimony at least that good planning and foresight [as even its name suggests] of future energy needs pays off. But what of the future? even a well managed Commonwealth like Bahamas is troubled to keep pace with the demand for energy, the Bahamas archipelago is a huge expanse of communities. Continue reading

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Renewable Water for Guinea’s Ignace Deen

Conakry April 23, 2012

The Ignace Deen Hospital is a colonial public hospital in Conakry Guinea, a relic of the 18th Century. Conakry has two public hospitals to serve the 2 million or so inhabitants, the Ignace Deen and the Donka. Both hospitals best described as unreliable are however the only alternatives for the poor people of Conakry. Continue reading

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Ghana FIT’s for WAPP

Accra April 20, 2012

Accra PylonPower outages are now an immeasurable inconvenience in the Capital City of Ghana, the frequent power supply failures are not only inconvenient, they are taking their toll on electrical equipment lighting, computers and other household appliances.

As Ghana’s economy steadily grows electrical generation is not able to keep pace with regional demand; however the tables may quickly turn with the Nationwide ability to feed in electricity into the National Grid. Continue reading

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Finally 100% Finance for SOLIDEA Zero Net Energy Projects in Poland

Warsaw Arpil 19, 2012

Warsaw CentrumSOLIDEA announced that up to 100% finance was now available to SOLIDEA clients with shopping centers and office developments in Poland. Companies looking to reduce their energy bills to Zero Net Energy status using SOLIDEA renewable energy solutions could now qualify for the finance to do it.

“Our clients consider our Zero Net Energy solutions as an extra tenant potentially paying more income every month from the installations than is paid in utility bills”. Continue reading

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CHP and the Cruise Ships of the Caribbean

Basseterre 18 April, 2012

The problem with Small Island Nations [SIN’s] everywhere is energy, as Diesel for electrical generators already passed the US 0.40c/kWh mark [and a lot more if you live on a remote island] many of the worlds thousands of tourists SIN’s are looking at combined renewable energy solutions to replace now outdated and soon redundant black energy solutions. Continue reading

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Greenlight for Moonlight

Phnom Penh Arpil 5, 2012



Since “Moonlight” has been a tremendous success in rural Cambodia Jim Gramberg and his team have now been given the “green light” for international expansion to ensure long term product sustainability and growth. The SOLIDEA global team are primarily looking to find new markets in West and Central Africa for Moonlight.

The “Moonlight” is manufactured by Kamworks it is being promoted as a children’s homework light it gives light to thousands of young Cambodians where there was none, Moonlight is a big hit with adults too and as the project manufactures Moonlight in rural Cambodia it provides work and an important role model to the local economy. Continue reading

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Powertextiles the Game Changer

Scotland April 2, 2012

Inspired by extending the Scottish soft fruit season by a just a few weeks Robert Mather and his team have developed durable Powertextiles that produce electrical energy through applied photovoltaics to the fabric surface. This ultra low cost application has already delivered test results demonstrating 5% and more efficiency can be readily achieved Continue reading

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