Lighting Designers get a boost with ZNE facade lighting projects

Prague March 27 2012

The facade lighting industry has been far from over worked since the crises and the use of energy to artistically light up our buildings and monuments seemed a little frivolous and uncool until Zero, net energy buildings or ZNE’s became all the rage.

A Zero, net energy building is one that makes as much energy as it uses, a hard act to follow for almost any commercial and office building. “Not all the buildings functions need to achieve ZNE status” says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker and it is becoming very popular for both building owners and building developers to request ZNE facade and security lighting schemes. Many large companies are considering ZNE policy for all their buildings and are determined to “turn it up” to prove a point.

Recent advances in Solid State Lamp [SSL] technology means the market has been flooded with new low cost, low energy, high performance and long life luminaries. These new devices have a much higher range of light and they can be better used to give lighting texture and body to the nightscape and of all kinds of architecture and infrastructure.

The energy efficiency of SSL’s reduce consumption by more than 70% of most halogen and sodium lamps and in some case as much 90% savings can be achieved. This is a terrific saving especially for large installations such as hospitals where security lighting can be  critical. But the added bonus is in balancing the energy consumption with solar panels.

Roof mounted, low cost, high power solar panels deliver electrical energy to the grid during the day obviating the need and cost for batteries taking the energy off the grid at night its possible to provide the brightest extensive facade lighting and insignia and with no cost to the environment or the utility bill.

Since take off rates for green energy are often 3 times that of the black energy mix supplied by the utility “smart building owners quickly realize they actually get paid more for the energy they produce than they use” its a great investment says Steve Walker advertising your company can be green and with a very credible payback time

ZNE facade lighting is demonstrating a sustainable and more controllable way of advertising a companies renewable energy commitment and improving security and safety during the dark nights of winter. Low cost control devices make softer more appropriate lighter and light night lighting a work of art.



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