Utility Scale Field Projects

Making the best use of FIT’s or not renewable energy projects worldwide have two finance milestones on their project road map; the first is the project start up or “Seed” and the second is the take over after the development phase is completed, the “Exit”.


The most popular investment instrument for exit strategy in PV and CHP development is the Bond. Typically bonds are loans for 5 years and SOLIDEA recommend they payback the coupon with a dividend of circa 8-10% per year in interest. Generally Bonds are very well regulated they are considered a relatively low risk investment because they are regulated. Typical coupons may cost investors between 25,000 and 100,000 Euros.

Private Equity

Money used to secure sites for development is called “Seed” Capital as it is used for the project start-up. SOLIDEA recommend any investor seek professional Due Diligence before making any “Seed” investment in any renewable energy projects because these investments are generally not regulated. Private Equity can be rewarded 100% return on investment, 12 months investment cycle is normal. 40,000 Euros is conisdered enough to seed 1MW of PV

Here are some SOLIDEA GROUP renewable investments from our project pipeline


2MW Bulgaria

2MW Field Bulgaria

Viking Six PV Field Southern Bulgaria

2.7MW Field Bulgaria

Viking Seven PV Field Southern Bulgaria

2.8MW Field Bulgaria





9MW Field Romania

7MW Field Romania

7MW Field Romania






9MW Field Greece