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Katowice 14 February 2014

High Bay RetrofitSOLIDEA Group is a Polish energy company offering the new SEEGreen® energy plan. SEEGreen® is a “first” with free after meter services which actually promotes real reduction in end user energy consumption. SEEGreen® reduces its clients energy consumption through an Energy Value Engineering workout EVE®. EVE® reduces SEEGreen® consumers energy by 20% for 2020 and by more than 80% for 2030.

All about EVE® After The Meter Services

EVE® team had a very successful 2013, reducing its commercial clients energy consumption by more than 20% and finding many new clients as a result. So far EVE® team is setting client road plans to meet 2020 benchmarks for many large companies in Central Europe and the Baltics. EVE® team understands the needs of Commercial, Industrial and Public energy consumers to cut costs and reduce emissions. SEEGreen® energy plan has been devised to make EVE® more acceptable to clients and it is the first dedicated free service of its type in Poland.

SOLIDEA Group wants to develop EVE® for a wider geographical audience extending its services and joining with other activities with its activities for example in Bulgaria. EVE® will promote all kinds of energy savings even “Open Source” to promote engagement and for energy and cost saving benefits for everyone including the environment. Meanwhile EVE® team will continue to expand its hands on approach to reducing energy costs and CO2 with its actual clients as work in progress.

EVE® team is “hands on” playing an active role in saving its clients money and most importantly without any cost to the client. SEEGreen® clients will implement EVE®’s four stage work out and save money, significantly reducing costs and energy consumption as soon as they are on board.

What Makes SEEGreen® Energy Unique?

Poland needs to change its energy strategy and its dependency on coal but transmission and infrastructure is old and subject to being overloaded by ever increasing energy demands. Without question Poland’s Commercial and Public sectors have the ability to save between 20% and 80% of current energy consumption via EVE® workout. It means Poland can reduce the burden on infrastructure as well as meeting most of the current CO2 consumption reduction targets by investing time in energy saving, rather than ineffective solar parks to at least meet its 2020 targets with ease.

Commercial business can provide its own renewable energy for offsetting its own energy consumption if it so desires, business can easily create its own energy security and it can be done without subsidies being given to third parties. Everyone should have a right to choose if offset can make a difference to their business. Meanwhile Poland needs to develop strategies to encourage business to stop wasting energy rather than ways to invest in high cost low benefit projects which will only benefit Poland’s elite

“Energy policy in Poland has quite rightly favored energy saving initiative so far rather than subsidies for high cost low energy yielding devices like Solar Panels.”  

Although EVE® and other services are readily available to everyone there has been no great rush to reduce costs and for any benefit of the environment. Poland lacks environmental education an initiative which is necessary if Poland is to flourish in future. Energy saving and efficiency is and needs to remain priority before offsetting. The EVE® work out clearly and logically demonstrates how the end user can achieve both environmental and economical goals they never knew existed.

From March 2014 SEEGreen® energy customers will get EVE® stage ONE to THREE for free irrespective of the size of their operations.

What Is EVE®?

EVE® is a FOUR Stage Energy Value Engineering work out, this type of work out is standard in the environmental engineering industry in many advanced nations. Services such as EVE®  are referred to as “After The Meter Services”. EVE® way of working is designed to develop energy strategies to provide “drastic” reduction in energy consumption even “off the grid” capability for all kinds of commercial and public assets.

  1. EVE® Stage ONE – Get your house in order fix what you have
  2. EVE® Stage TWO -Monitoring and Metering Take Control and Empower Others
  3. EVE® Stage THREE – Introduce Energy Saving Devices
  4. EVE® Stage FOUR – Offset Energy Produce Renewable Energy

EVE® workout is enough incentive to encourage any business to SEEGreen®. In any event and for many different “assets”EVE® can provide a new level of energy security, it has major impact on asset value, eventually every business is subject Energy Value Engineering because energy cost and the availability of low cost energy in future is now a major concern to everyone.

EVE® workout stage ONE – “Get your house in order”

Asset owners can reduce costs, energy and environmental impact without cost. If assets are properly maintained and in proper condition according to their designed and dedicated use they will will demonstrate far less energy consumption than they do today. During EVE® team’s career we have never been presented an asset in proper working condition nor one that could not perform better. These are the first real saving this is the baseline for any saving energy project because it is the only logical first step and it makes sense.

“EVE® stage ONE is available to everyone, EVE® stage ONE is free to SEEGreen® clients.” 

EVE® team are international building surveyors, they are highly knowledgeable about facades and roofs and how the enclosed environment performs. The EVE® team are supported by specialists in the field of mechanical systems, ventilation, heating and cooling. The EVE®  team use sophisticated equipment such as state of the art FLIR thermal imaging cameras and have the ability to deploy AerialEVE® UAV Drones which create 3D simulations of buildings and building defects.

3D thermal and high intensity image modelling is fast becoming a necessity in the industry to understand building behavior and energy efficiency. The AerialEVE® Drones can be used for all kinds of assets in value engineering it reduces a 3 day technical due diligence of hit and miss opinion into 3 hour detailed factual account.

The EVE® team advise clients of Health and Safety and Environmental obligations raising a variety of issues against cost controlling which endangers building user health and welfare not just creating energy savings. In this field in Poland in the past we have been clearly lacking in expertise.

EVE® team is already engaged for all manner of technical due diligence, for example handing over of warranty and to make sure the building is in proper order before it finally becomes the sole responsibility of the building owner. EVE® is very popular for buyers due diligence in Poland many of these clients are dedicated followers and will become SEEGreen® user in future knowing that their energy road map increases profitability and potentially their yield.

“Poorly maintained buildings waste energy “getting your house in order is paramount to any energy efficiency strategy and number one priority on the road map of sustainability. It is the duty of any asset manager to get his house in order because that is the only way to deliver satisfaction for stakeholders”

SEEGreen® energy plan participates in monitoring our clients progress through strict KPI’s and side by side workshops to establish a real road map for 2020 and even 2030. EVE® team has already participated in compiling a number of environmental statements for organizations large and small in Central Europe it is the road map for sustainability which makes the public and the stakeholders understand a better organization and a far more profitable one.

“EVE® team saved 20% or more energy costs for its clients in projects undertaken in 2013 these savings added a lot of value, in some cases this value was shared with its tenants all of whom benefit and without disruption to their energy distribution model”    

EVE® stage TWO – Take Control and Empower Others

EVE® stage TWO focus on empowering and engaging it is based on the Energy Value Engineering knowledge gained at EVE® stage ONE. Metering and monitoring is critical to the ability of any organization to manage assets yet most of the assets we visit have inefficient metering and monitoring energy is simply unmanaged.

Without the ability to efficiently meter or monitor energy a critical component of asset and operational managements is lost. Empowering adds value by introducing new high tech metering devices and better configuration of building management and control centres.

“More energy has been saved through improvement in reporting, when a better regime of KPI’s has been established targets can are manageable it is critical to the sustainability of an energy strategy it actually reduces costs and saves money.

From 2014 SEEGreen® encourage asset owners to engage its workforce in building users studies today the EVE® team includes clinical psychologists for engagement workshops. One on one engagement workshops are a Doctors privilege they are a means of finding out more than in any open discussion group.

In EVE® stage TWO  it is because of the attitude created towards the engagement of the workforce that the building users themselves play a critical part in the future of the sustainable work place. A sustainable workplace is one that leads to better and more productive team environments.

“SEEGreen® clients find no need to commit capital expenditure in EVE® stage TWO if EVE® stage THREE is engaged, there are more than enough rebates in the energy you already waste to upgrade to SIEMENS smart metering and empower” 

EVE® stage THREE – Energy Saving Devices

After getting you house in order an taking control of consumption and with the building user or workforce engaged EVE® can progress to stage THREE. In EVE® stage THREE we focus on energy saving devices. There are many types of energy saving devices low tech energy saving devices and high tech energy saving devices.

Low tech energy saving device can be best introduced in design, a good example is shading which can be either fixed or reactive. Many of SEEGreen future client are today in design and EVE® team attends extra curricular workshops often at the will of a stakeholder to advise on energy efficiency at outset. EVE® does not rival LEED or BREEAM neither of which go beyond handover.

“EVE® team learns a lot in technical due diligence, if more architects [even LEED certified architects] spend more time in their buildings after they were build there would be far less re-occurring mistakes. Orientation and skylights are a typical example, we recently encouraged one building owner to paint their atrium skylight white and measure the impact on energy consumption. Bottom line costs for building owners full life cycle cost industry significantly” 

High tech energy saving devices such as InsertLED® have really come of age since 2014. We have brought about much economical and environmental change already this year. Asset owners now have the peace of mind that their LED is manufactured locally [or lets say in Europe] and is reliable and will be readily available for spare parts in future.

SOLIDEA Group InsertLED® support EVE® stage THREE with the instruments to offer LED upgrades free of charge to large commercial and public works and all SME’s [small and medium size enterprise] under SEEGreen® the lending instruments made available to SOLIDEA Group are low cost and with new reliable low cost European InsertLED® systems we are able to upgrade any facility without any up front payments.

EVE® stage THREE creates day one significant cost savings of up to 70% of all lighting, this opportunity is open to commercial and public organizations. The benefits of LED lighting are an improvement to the environment.

“LED from a reliable supplier can save as much as 80% of energy consumption with smart control devices; there are significant heat savings too because far less heat is created through lighting and this means less mechanical air handling. Since 2014 SEEGreen® and EVE® clients benefit from free LED installations and a share in the cost savings as an instant benefit”

Retrofit LED lamps and tubes can be refitted in the same day, SOLIDEA Group service partners are large concerns capable of quickly swapping even tens of thousands of street lamps in a matter of days rather than weeks.

EVE® stage FOUR -Energy Offset

Creation of energy renewable energy on or off site is called energy offset, we are able at SOLIDEA Group to offset any asset off site. SOLIDEA sp zo.o have developed PowerCan® 200 for this purpose in the EVE® workout and we are developing a range of other devices to go with PowerCan® 200. The PowerCan® 200 is currently under development for off the shelf manufacture with ContainerPonics® and eventually a modular ConcordeFT® unit which will convert synthesis gas into Diesel and Diesel Wax.

Applied energy devices such as PowerCan® 200 which can offset a typical hospital building, a large food store, office campus or a hotel creating a potential Zero Net Energy installation where 100% of the energy and CO2 are offset. The first PowerCan® 200 and ContainerPonics® will be deployed in the first retail centers in Poland in 2014 – 2015 converting local wood chip and processed cellulose waste into electricity and heat to be consumed onsite via the existing energy grid connections.



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