SOLIDEA Group provide LED lighting Solutions Worldwide

External Lighting

SOLIDEA Advisory

in-LED® Plug and play insert lighting units which make use of the existing units lower costs are achieved through the SOLIDEA Group procurement

new-LED® Plug and play luminaries for external use, factories, warehouses, marine and industrial purposes

SOLIDEA provide external street and security lighting solutions for Facade, Streets and Highways,  Railways, Ports, Transportation and Distribution Centres, Retail and Office Parks Universities and Hospitals.

SOLIDEA Advisory are producing lighting tenders and tender documentation. The selection of manufacturers and methods of procurement from suppliers for major projects is a highly specialized activity

SOLIDEA are recommending upgrading its EVE® stage THREE clients to all LED external lighting. SOLIDEA Group is capitalizing on its procurement knowledge and buying power to make in-LED® and new-LED® more accessible lower cost and more readily available for of all of its commercial clients.

SOLIDEA Group are offering finance for large and substantial external lighting projects that have a direct benefit to the environment

Click to open Railway Lighting

Click to open Railway Lighting

SOLIDEA provide low cost in-LED® ”insert lighting” to replace standard HPS and HID. Replacing lamps in existing fixtures significantly reduces cost and makes all types of LED immediately accessible for more applications.

Highway Street Lighting etc can be upgraded to in-LED® in existing Cobra housing it takes only a few minutes to install in-LED® insert lighting

SOLIDEA Group recommend in-LED® energy saving LED lamps that can be installed by qualified linesmen in minutes using the existing lighting unit. in-LED® energy saving devices can reduce energy consumption by more than 80% whilst significantly improving the lighting service. in-LED® street lamps are ensuring a very fast payback time in most countries and up to 100% finance can be available for projects in the EU.

SOLIDEA advisory assist authorities and large organizations to devise and make tenders for LED upgrades. White label, manufacturing to order and electronics assembly contracting demonstrates far lower cost than off the shelf procurement.

A typical City of 2 million inhabitants can reduce its lighting energy bills by as much as one EURO per inhabitant per year.

With SOLIDEA financial solutions and white label manufacturing major projects and even whole cities can benefit from low operating cost and higher lighting quality, safety and security from in-LED® immediately

Click to open Port Lighting

Click to open Port Lighting

Our Port Lighting image clearly shows the high quality bright lighting in-LED® produces it is far superior to the HSP lighting [at the rear of the image] it replaces. Because in-LED® insert lighting instantly replaces HSP in the same fitting costs are significantly reduced. Repayment period in the EU can be less than 2 years and with a designed life of more than 10 years.

Ports can significantly reduce overheads improve security and safety cutting energy consumption and having far better lighting

Unlike High Pressure Sodium lighting in-LED® insert and new-LED® lighting systems can be dimmed, daylight savings reduce energy consumption. LED white light is highly controllable making it ideal for Petrochemical Plants, Car Parks, Mines and Quarries

click to open Road Junction Lighting

SOLIDEA in-LED® and LED lighting can be over specified to be turned up in extreme weather creating very high visibility even in the worst conditions to offer better safety on roads and at key junctions

Energy savings, long life products better security and far less accidents make in-LED® and new-LED® a very attractive solution for most outdoor lighting application

SOLIDEA Group offer Energy Value Engineering EVE® Services worldwide to large corporations, authorities and companies who want to reduce their energy use, save money and add value to their environment.