SOLIDEA Group Ltd is London UK based investor in Energy, Food and Waste

Key Investments Worldwide Are

  • PowerCan – Complete Pyrolysis Gasification Systems
  • TITAN PowerCan –  20MW Power Plants
  • Syngas Project Owner and Investor
  • BioGas Project Owner and Investor
  • ContainerPonics
  • Other Technology, Innovation and Investments

SOLIDEA Group sp z.oo based in Poland and is the Polish Holding Company for SOLIDEA sp z.o.o and the PowerCan 200

SOLIDEA sp z.o.o is an R&D Engineering Company based in Poland developing the PowerCan 200

  • PowerCan 200 and PowerCan Gas Engine Systems
  • GATO – GlidArc Tar Oxidiser Cold Plasma Gas Cleaning Systems

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