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SOLIDEA’s Waterworks for Guinea

Conakry May 17, 2012

Women and Children in a colorful queue of water buckets and bowls in a Conakry suburb yesterday. The power is on between 9pm and midnight and with it comes the water. This filling station is free, water is available elsewhere in Conakry, but its not free, “Without energy there is no Water… Read More

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WE, Green Swedes and Undersink Renewables

Malmo, May 16, 2012

A Garbage Disposal Unit Circa 1969

“There is nothing greener than a garbage disposal unit in modern plumbing. At SOLIDEA we are asking our real estate development clients not to forget them in their projects” says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker. “The good old fashioned waste disposal unit… Read More

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Sweet Hershey, Cool Cuba

Casablanca May 14th 2012

If its railway or tram nostalgia you are looking for then Cuba’s Hershey Electric Railroad has it all. “Practically all of its rolling stock, running gear and overhead power distribution is pretty much the same equipment repaired or rebuilt as it was installed in 1922. “Hershey is the last most original and… Read More

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SOLIDEA for the SIN’s of Comoros

Moroni May 13, 2012

The Union of Comoros is a little known archipelago of small island nations [SIN's]. These Comoros Islands are located off the East Coast of Africa. Excluding Mayotte; the last of the Islands belonging to the French Commonwealth, [in theory part of the EU] Comoros is the third smallest Nation in the African continent its also one… Read More

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New Renewable for the Baja Tank

Santa Rosalia, May 8, 2012

As the worlds 6th largest oil producer you could be forgiven for not assuming Mexico to have a strong green lobby, and you would be wrong. In fact Mexico, the Worlds 3rd largest solar potential, like the United Kingdom has taken a firm stand against climate change by passing a law that… Read More

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Bauxite Over The Breadline

Kamsar May 7, 2012

Guinea [known as French Guinea] West Africa is the home of some 25% of all of the worlds exploitable Bauxite reserve. However the People of Guinea are some of the poorest in Africa; a lack of available energy means their Bauxite is sold for others to manufacture Aluminium.

With the advent of… Read More

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