Finally 100% Finance for SOLIDEA Zero Net Energy Projects in Poland

Warsaw Arpil 19, 2012

Warsaw CentrumSOLIDEA announced that up to 100% finance was now available to SOLIDEA clients with shopping centers and office developments in Poland. Companies looking to reduce their energy bills to Zero Net Energy status using SOLIDEA renewable energy solutions could now qualify for the finance to do it.

“Our clients consider our Zero Net Energy solutions as an extra tenant potentially paying more income every month from the installations than is paid in utility bills”. SOLIDEA are working with local energy suppliers over the next few years and up till 2020 all building owners and operators will convert to Zero Net Energy says Solidea’s Steve Walker, “as the rent roll and utility bills directly effects the value and yield of the building why would commercial building operators and owners want to have energy bills?”

“We are able to fit out shopping centers, anchor stores and office building unobtrusively and finally having the finance available to deliver renewable energy means that there is simply an agreement and a hand over date. We think commercial clients are catching on to it pretty quickly” says Walker




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