Introducing ASMARA the MSW version of TITAN

Why are there so many new Incineration plants under development in Europe? Is incineration better than landfill? New EU emission policies outlaw coal and waste incineration by 2030. The idea of incineration is already unpopular at the planning office. Environmental Compliance also rules against noise and smells. Despite the demand for on demand electricity and clean heat from smokeless technologies an emerging sector slow climate decisions in Brussels have left many investors and developers well behind schedule. The truth is there are many even mass manufactured smokeless solutions available to solve the majority of the EU’s waste and energy problems but EU wide adoption is still far away

The End of Burning is Nigh

European Union 2030 Emission requirements tend well below Current 500g/MW and so they should if we are to start to combat climate change. Below 500g already most Coal Fired Power Stations are off limits for investors but we seem to be ignoring the fact that so too are Waste to Energy and Biomass Power Stations which deploy incineration.

The notion that somehow growing new biomass justifies the burning of existing biomass for CO2 credits is flawed, its wearing thin, it has little credibility in a future low carbon economy where CO2 is avoided and if we take a closer look at facts irrespective of opinion and lobby. Brussels must now look to smokeless technologies if CO2 reduction is to have impact by 2030 and most importantly if we want to invest ESG wisely.

So, little good news ahead for a fledgling waste to energy incineration industry and where from today the vast majority of investors will find little comfort to recoup investment with only 10 years to go. Continue reading

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Warsaw 4 April 2018

The rise of Poland’s TITAN’s

SOLIDEA Group’s Syngas Project Team in Poland have developed the TITAN PowerCan a 20MW power plant to meet the next generation of dispersed energy utilities

Poland’s forest waste will fuel Poland’s Energy Clusters, a value added approach to resources, environment, biodiversity and climate change. Creating local employment, distributed wealth and better air quality whilst embracing technology and change   

The TITAN Program

A distributed network of TITAN’s across Central Europe is already under development with the first two connection licenses agreed and many more in the project pipeline. Once connected and operational new solar fields will be developed and existing wind operations can be integrated.

Above the New Silk Road and along the Amber route forest is plentiful and community so wanting; the opportunity to develop TITAN in tens even hundreds is “Teutonic” and it could provide the backbone of sustainability for the new high tech industries Central Europe  so desires   

TITAN the foundation for “Energy Clusters”

TITAN is a utility scale power plant consisting of 12 lines of smokeless PowerCan gasifiers which consume local Polish biomass. 12 Lines of reactors, each with the ability to on, off, up and down distinguish TITAN from other Utility Scale power plants, being in control of the energy produced and with rapid response means biomass is only consumed when needed,the global plan for high cost electricity battery storage is simply avoidable. Continue reading

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Is The Answer To Poland’s Energy Crises Written On The Forest Floor?

Warsaw 9 September, 2014

Forest FloorIt’s not the costs of energy, nor is it the mitigation of climate change being discussed in Poland’s board rooms this autumn. The greatest risk to Polish industry this winter is energy shortages. Whilst two SOLIDEA Group clients will receive PowerCan units this winter giving them independence over the grid system could SOLIDEA Group react in the face of crises and market demand to produce many more PowerCans?

What is PowerCan?

A PowerCan is a modular self sufficient energy plant it has a large static engine which produces heat and electricity. PowerCan is driven by wood chip waste and the type of forest materials which have negative value. Wood and forest waste is fed into a steel vessel called a gasifier. Because the gasifier chemical reaction works in a slight vacuum there are no emissions in the conversion process, there is no chimney and no smoke. PowerCan is containerized it ships in two 20ft containers. PowerCan can be delivered and installed on the same day the process and the engine room is fully automated it is operated from anywhere on a hand held device. Continue reading

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Have your business SEEGreen® and get EVE® for free

Katowice 14 February 2014

High Bay RetrofitSOLIDEA Group is a Polish energy company offering the new SEEGreen® energy plan. SEEGreen® is a “first” with free after meter services which actually promotes real reduction in end user energy consumption. SEEGreen® reduces its clients energy consumption through an Energy Value Engineering workout EVE®. EVE® reduces SEEGreen® consumers energy by 20% for 2020 and by more than 80% for 2030.

All about EVE® After The Meter Services

EVE® team had a very successful 2013, reducing its commercial clients energy consumption by more than 20% and finding many new clients as a result. So far EVE® team is setting client road plans to meet 2020 benchmarks for many large companies in Central Europe and the Baltics. EVE® team understands the needs of Commercial, Industrial and Public energy consumers to cut costs and reduce emissions. SEEGreen® energy plan has been devised to make EVE® more acceptable to clients and it is the first dedicated free service of its type in Poland. Continue reading

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EVE® Tenants Representation

Bratislava 23 September 2013

Shopping Bratislawa

The performance of any enclosed space is best measured by the energy it consumes. A poor performing commercial centre clearly demonstrates to consume far more energy than a well managed one. Whilst any defective centre might truly costs the environment inevitably all of the cost of the energy is, for sure passed on to the tenants.

“Even the best performing Retail Centres can perform better by reducing common building defects, this is a real saving for retailers 20% across the board on all retail space.”

Where EVE® is different

Traditionally, building performance has been criticized by surveyors the defects are measured by technique, completeness or aesthetics failure rather than real KPI’s. EVE® [Energy Value Engineering] is different it focuses on performance first giving real numbers to technical due diligence. EVE® technical due diligence teams use state of the art equipment and technology to measure defects against industry benchmarks, real proof of performance rather than opinion. Continue reading

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The EVE® Before Poland’s White Certificates

Warsaw 26 March 2013

White Certificate GraphicThe Polish government again endorsed its intention today to introduce White Certificates  before the end of 2013. “This is a real chance for owners and operators to get their house in order to make measured energy saving, reduce CO2 and make a significant amount of money” Says Steve Walker head of SOLIDEA Groups Advisory Service EVE®. “EVE® established clients already represent more than 10% of retail centre space in Poland all of whom are keen to reduce overheads to their retail tenants. EVE® client base is not only expanding rapidly in Retail, the Office, Hotels and Industrial sector is also looking for savings”

The introduction and proper administration of White Certification by the commercial, industrial, public and transport sectors will have as significant impact on bottom line profitability as it will on the environment and reducing CO2. It also allows the Polish grid to raise commercial energy prices and tax those companies who waste energy; it is a great step forward for Poland. Continue reading

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Buildings Don’t Need To Breathe Only People Do!

Warsaw 14 February, 2013

Campus OneCommercial buildings which do not achieve Air Tightness often waste 20% to 40% of the total energy that they consume. When the building envelope is not tight energy is simply lost to the outside. Defective roof lights, smoke hatches and curtain walls, a result of poor design, defective construction, or incomplete maintenance is widespread. “We waste so much energy for no good reason” says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker  “Air Tightness is the big ticket cost in retail, commercial offices and hotels, and it has nothing to do with the level of Insulation installed” Continue reading

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SOLIDEA’s EVE® and the Book of Building Benchmark’s 2013 Retail Shopping Centres

Vienna, January 2013

Retail Shopping Centre Owners firmly focus on their REP benchmarks as Retailers continue to tighten their belts in 2013.

During 2013 Retail Energy Performance [REP] will be as critical to the Retail Centre Manager as it is to the Retailer. SOLIDEA collates REP data through its EVE® program


SOLIDEA Book of Building Benchmarks 2013 lists an energy efficient Retail Centre consuming less than 200kWh/m2/year with a sustainable “Energy Road Map” that demonstrates to reduce the net energy consumption by 20% to year 2020. Continue reading

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Autumn’s Energy Windfalls

Warsaw, Poland 31 October 2012

Every year thousands of tons of leaves need to be swept up and disposed of by district and local park authorities. It’s a costly but necessary business because leaves block drains, paths and roads. Unswept leaves spoil parks, and avenues. But the gasification of leaves reduces public costs and can create much employment. As a source of renewable energy feedstock Autumns Windfalls for the community is truly value added commodity Continue reading

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Green Coffee Grinds Feedstock

Gothenburg September 29, 2012

There is not an industry more focussed on being green than the Coffeehouse business right now. On the high street its all about green credibility. There is much debate about in store waste and renewable coffee cups, not to mention what to do with the spent beans or “grinds” as they are called in the trade. When the SOLIDEA Group EVE® team were asked to look at how renewable energy might best impact the Coffee business we came up with a few surprises.

The SOLIDEA EVE® [Energy Value Engineering] team review business premises and industry segments to introduce renewable energy solutions to save energy, save money and add value. SOLIDEA’s clients want to be the World’s first Zero Net Energy Coffee House Operators. Continue reading

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